Tuesday, January 22, 2013

yummy in my tummy

Big news, guys.  Domino's was giving away a medium one topping pizza to students with a Domino's app for $2 today, and today only.  I don't have a smartphone, so Boyfriend and I cheated the system.  Oh well!  

Don't lose faith in me.  I'm still dieting, if you want to call it that.  I look at all the nutrition facts before I go anywhere.  I just couldn't possibly pass up a $2 pizza.  

So here's what I did.  

I got thin crust rather than hand tossed, saving me 390 calories.  I also got fresh green peppers rather than pepperoni, saving me 230 calories.  Those are two easy substitutions that saved me an entire meal's worth of calories!  These are the types of tricks I've adopted into my lifestyle to work towards a healthier me.  Indulgence is essential, but be smart about it.  

Click here for Domino's nutrition facts.
piece and love,


  1. I need someone to explain to me how this works. I have the app but I don't see the deal listed under coupons

    1. That's because it's local. Just call in your order and tell them you want the student deal. When you go pick it up, they'll ask you to show them your app and your student ID. It's $2.17 after tax. :D

  2. Yayyy! $2 pizza Lucky girl :)

    This was so helpful now I know what to do when I order pizza. I'm trying to lose weight but pizza is my weakness but now I know how to substitute.

    1. Glad I could help!! I'm just trying to be the healthiest me I can be--and less cranky. ;)