Friday, January 25, 2013

meal replacement

I suppose I should update you on my shakes from this post.

I gave them to my mom.

I do vigorous exercise, and I just don't think they're meant for people who exercise as hard as I do.  By the third day I was so dizzy I couldn't even walk into the kitchen without holding on to something.  Here's my theory.  

The shakes were keeping me SO full, that I couldn't fit enough water into my body.  I was losing a ton of water as sweat, therefore, dehydrating.  I was miserable.

A friend told me I should use one scoop rather than two per shake, but by that time the thought of drinking another meal was nauseating.

Oh well.

The first of the month is getting closer!  Boyfriend had to get on the scale for class, and has lost 4 lbs.  :D  
piece and love,

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