Thursday, January 10, 2013

my workout

Since Boyfriend is gone, my workout is much more simple so I'll let you know what I do.  I've just been focusing on cardio the past few days, because no one will see your rock hard muscle if it's under a layer of fat.

Here it is.

Stretch, obviously.  Just do it.  Don't question me.  I get on the elliptical and the machines at my gym have a TV.  Watch TV on your butt at home, or burn some calories while doing it?  Duh.  So, I love that.  And there are different programs on it that will automatically change your crossramp (incline) and resistance.  I've been doing the Interval program.  On the low interval it's programmed at 4 and 4.  I bump it up to 7 and 6 immediately.  On the high interval it's programmed at 10 and 10.  After 30 minutes, I bump it to 10 and 13.  The last 3 minutes of my hour workout I do 20 and 20, which is the maximum.  I made sure to pay attention this time instead of fleeing from the gym, and in one hour I burned 562 calories.  

I feel like this will be a lot more meaningful to you once I have some results, but they say stay off the scale if you want to make this long term.  I'm trying with all my might to fight everything I've known in the past.  So bear with me!  Bare with me?  Whatever, our language sucks.
PIECE and love,

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