Saturday, October 6, 2012

national vegetarian month

Alright guys, along with Breast Cancer Awareness-, Domestic Violence Awareness-, and National Popcorn Popping-Month, October is National Vegetarian Month.  The awesome thing is, I learned this little fact AFTER I decided to do a vegetarian challenge.  

I wish I could link up with somebody (not that I really know what that means) and be awesome (because people who link up are awesome), but I kind of made up my own challenge before bed one night.  

TECHNICALLY I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian.  This means I eat eggs and dairy, because I'm just not that crazy yet.  

But really.

Think of the money I'm going to save this month.  Meat is expensive!  I spent $15 last month on a pork butt!  I think the hardest part is going to be to remember that I'm not eating meat.  I think I've only ever really met one vegetarian...and she ate fish...which is meat.  


I'll keep you updated.  Hopefully I'll find some awesome recipes for y'all.  Wish me luck!

Oh yeah!!!  Go grab a button, guys!!  
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  1. Good luck with your vegetarian challenge! I went vegetarian/organic for about 3 months earlier this year. It was pretty awesome.

    But then I had to have some chicken wings. Avoid those at all costs. :)