Thursday, October 25, 2012

diaries of a worn out tan woman

I'd like to work more hours...

Thrift more stores...

Create more things...

Cook  more meals...


I'm a college student.  Every time I finish one test, I get news of another.  I had a test Wednesday.  I have one Tomorrow.  I have one Tuesday AND Wednesday.  Are you serious?  And two weeks from today I have another book review due.  

I've had Taco Bell 4 times in the past three days because my dishes are piled so high I can't even fill a glass with water.  I haven't done anything with my appearance since my date because there's no point in dressing up for the library.  
piece and love,


  1. i'm sorry boo :( just gotta remember "this too shall pass"

  2. I completely understand right now. I'd love to craft more, photograph more, dress up more, workout more, work more hours, and definitely relax and read more. At this point it's hard to even squeeze in one hour a week to watch the Vampire Diaries with Jessie. :( But it's just a phase in our life! Soon enough we'll be graduated (eventually) and be worried about other things. We just have to learn to enjoy it and be grateful, because at least we're young and capable of doing it, with wonderful people there to support us through it all :)
    Good luck on all of your tests! I'm sure you'll do great :)