Sunday, October 7, 2012

mcchicken with no chicken

Excuse me if I think this is a little bit hilarious.  

So I work at a hotel.  I absolutely love it.  It's nothing fancy, and it's only for gas money, but it's so fascinating to meet so many people.  I met a man today who gave me a card and told me to call him when I get my degree.  He owns a business in Dallas.  How awesome is that?  Despite the occasional full house and minimal housekeeping staff (this weekend), I love the hospitality business and I'm so blessed to have a job.   

I decided to treat myself to some good ol' no meat pizza after my oh so hectic weekend.  Even though I cooked this recipe for dinner last night.  Except I used low sodium soy sauce, and a whole lot of it.  And I fixed some scrimps for Boyfriend.  I would type it out with a pretty picture, but I don't have a pretty picture.  So just click on the link.  :)

This is the background on my phone.  It makes me happy.  
piece and love,

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