Thursday, December 13, 2012

little darlings

First of all I would like to say thank you for bearing with me through these sad little posts.  The semester is over, and I'm thrilled.  I have zero obligations for an entire month.  Other than bills of course, but who really cares about those?  Bills are way less stressful than amortization, if you ask me.

I have had my computer for almost a year now, and I just discovered that I can put my memory card from my camera right into the side!!  I was going to do an awesome post and give you a tour of my apartment, but I have clothes to fold, and more clothes and dishes to wash.  So you're just going to have to wait.  But I will show you a beautiful bracelet my granny got for me!

Could this be more gorgeous?  I love simplicity.  This is a really thin brown braided sting with a really small sterling cross.  I love love it.  And would you like to see how wonderful Boyfriend is?

That's a picture of us, if you didn't know.  He had it blown up on a board thing.  Ok seriously?  Forgive me, it's the end of a long semester.  I'll have a post of our wonderful love story soon.  I know I promise posts a lot and then never follow through, but our story is wonderfully wonderful.

piece and love,

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