Sunday, December 30, 2012

i promised you my love story, didn't i?

Before Boyfriend was, in fact, Boyfriend, he was The Boy Who Smiled All The Time.  We had mutual friends, and I never saw this dude without a smile on his face.  I think I was in love before I even knew I was in love.  I would find myself being aware of my surroundings and who was in my surroundings.

I noticed his 19th birthday on Facebook, and in the likely infested cafeteria, received my first hug.  When I learned he was having pizza at his dorm for his big day, I said absolutely not.  I had a girlfriend call him up and tell him we were taking him out to eat.

He got my number from that girlfriend with strictly platonic intentions about a King's Cake I wanted to give away.  It's a cajun thing.  One night I wanted to go running, and obviously didn't want to go alone in the dark.  I texted him to ask if that was his sort of thing.  And that's where it all began.

I looked forward to every single freezing night.  I ignored my burning lungs and tired legs, but could never overlook the butterflies throughout my body.  I was never sure if he felt the same, but our late nights were always accompanied by friendly conversation.   

Boyfriend does not like math.  I was consistently offering my assistance.  We were going to the lake one day with some friends, and he needed some quick help before our trip.  So he said.  It was a trick!  He grabbed my hand, told me how much he liked me, and said Can I ask you a serious question now?  I shook my head and we went to the lake.

Little did I know, I hurt his feelings.  Here's the thing.  I didn't want to ruin what we had.  I was having so much darn fun crushing on him.  I didn't want the excitement to end, and I surely didn't want to lose such a wonderful friend.   So when he asked me again weeks later one evening before a school play, I said no again.

Don't worry, you know how this turns out.

Eventually, he sent me a take it or leave it text.  I had until the end of the semester to tell him what I wanted to do, which I'm pretty sure was about two or three weeks.  

Storms were bad that year, and the power went out one night.  I woke up at 4AM that morning and texted him:
If I told you Yes to your question would you know what I was talking about?
What question?
The "serious question"

And that was that.  It was May 2, 2011.  
piece and love,
**I wish I could have provided more details, but the memories are jumbled up in my head with no trace of chronology.  

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