Tuesday, April 16, 2013

worry is a sin

Can I just tell you guys what's been going on in my life the past 36 hours?

I was racking up at the penny sale at my local grocery store.  While on my way to check out, I saw a former manager and chatted for a bit.  She told me a spot was open at the hotel she works for.  I was thrilled.  I immediately went home, ironed clothes, and went to apply for the position.  I thought, This is my answer.  

I drove home and walked to our student union.  Every semester my school does an event called Big Money Bingo.  Everyone gets one Bingo card for the chance to play for one of over $8000 in prizes.  A few minutes in, I received a phone call from a former coworker saying that the manager wanted to talk to me about a position open at a hotel I previously worked for.  I thought, Is this my answer?

Well, guess what guys?  I won!  An Xbox Kinect bundle pack.  If you know me, you know I don't play video games.  I wasn't allowed as a child, and I have no desire in my adulthood.  After roughly an hour of politely arguing with the customer service manager at Walmart, I was able to get store credit for the full amount of the prize.  I thought, Oh, Thank You Lord.  Forgive me for worrying about affording groceries.

I met with my former employer today and explained to him the reasons I was forced to quit.  He said I was the best Breakfast Attendant he'd ever had, and told me I start tomorrow.  I thought, Glory be to God!

piece and love,

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