Tuesday, September 25, 2012

round two

You see, I had a blog before.  I disappointed my 7 followers by deleting it.  Never in my life have I been able to keep a journal.  I was rummaging through some old things at Grandma's house this summer, and I found one of my old journals.  In one week's time I managed to declare my undying love as well as hatred for a multitude of people.  C'mon.  What do you expect from a 10 year old?  My point is a blog is an online journal, and I'm just not good at journals.

On the other hand.

Writing gives me purpose.  Writing to an audience gives me motivation.  I've been in a funk lately.  All I do is eat Taco Bell and watch The New Adventures of Old Christine--Lifetime 10:00-12:00 Monday through Friday.  I've lost my desire to get out.  I stopped studying and doing homework (I'm a junior in college).  I woke up yesterday with a happy spirit.  

So this is my change.

I'm going to write my pieceful peaces to inspire, and to be inspired.  Life is too beautiful to waste away eating fast food and watching the same reruns every day.

*I promise I know the difference between PEACE and PIECE.
piece and love,

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